Learn the Fundamental Mechanisms of Glass Corrosion

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June 4, 2023 — 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. | Hotel Monteleone | Held in conjunction with GOMD 2023, New Orleans, Louisiana

Instructors:  Stéphane Gin, CEA, France, leads a speaker lineup comprised of subject matter experts

How do silicate glasses behave when they come into contact with water? This question is at the heart of many fields of research and is triggered by either industrial or environmental applications. This one-day short course taught by industry experts gives an up-to-date overview of this topic.

Course Objective

This short course provides a comprehensive knowledge about the fundamental mechanisms of glass corrosion and their relation with kinetics. Various focuses are made on various types of glasses: nuclear and commercial glasses, as well as natural and archaeological glasses. To complete this overview, the course will provide insights into the analytical and experimental techniques used to investigate glass corrosion at various scales and into the different modeling approaches.

Instructor and Topic Lineup


Stéphane Gin, CEA, France
Stéphane Gin, CEA, France

Fundamental aspects of silicate glass corrosion: mechanisms and kinetics (theoretical background)  Stéphane Gin, CEA, France



Joe Ryan, PNNL, USA
Joe Ryan, PNNL, USA

Experimental and analytical techniques to investigate glass corrosion                                                       Joe Ryan, Pacific Northwest National Lab, USA

Jingcheng Du, UNT, USA
Jingcheng Du, UNT, USA

Atomistic simulations of glasses and glass-water interactions                                                                       Jincheng Du, University of North Texas, USA

Nick Smith, Corning, USA
Nick Smith, Corning, USA

Durability of commercial glasses                                                                                                                               Nick Smith, Corning, USA

Delia Brauer, U of Jena, Germany
Delia Brauer, U of Jena, Germany

Durability of bioactive glasses                                                                                                                                     Delia Brauer, University of Jena, Germany


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