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An ACerS online course

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Learn the techniques of creating, analyzing, and manufacturing glazes for production ceramics

This course covers the process of manufacturing glazes for ceramics, from raw materials to testing procedures, glaze production to defect analysis. The pre-recorded course consists of 12, one hour sessions.

What you will learn

The course covers:

  • Oxides and raw materials used in ceramic glazes
  • Glaze base development
  • Color development
  • Laboratory testing procedures
  • Glaze production and batch approval procedures
  • Application and firing of glazed ceramics
  • Defect analysis and avoidance

All topics will aid in the design and production of glazes that will help with the increase of production yields and reductions of time, cost, and waste.

Who will benefit?

The audience for the course is personnel directly involved in manufacturing products in all segments of the glazed ceramic product industry. This includes:

  • Manufacturing managers, supervisors, and foremen
  • Quality and process control managers and technicians
  • Production potters or anyone who has a need to make glazes to match a predetermined quality standard
  • Non-ceramic engineers (chemical, mechanical, industrial, electrical, etc.) involved in ceramic manufacturing

Other audiences include:

  • Marketing and sales personnel who want to be well versed on the manufacturing technologies of their company and competitors
  • Product designers looking to understand the practical and physical limits of glazed ceramic manufacture
  • Corporate managers who need to understand the full scope of their manufacturing operations and opportunities for their company

Need to miss a lecture?

All lectures will be recorded, so even if you cannot attend the live lectures, you can still take the course using the recordings. They will be posted after each live lecture and include the very same video and audio content and personalized instructor feedback.

Customized training

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Instructor bio

Robert Ferraraccio-200x300

Robert Ferraraccio is a ceramic engineering contractor and consultant based in California. He has over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and analysis of ceramic glazes.

Robert has worked with clients in various glazed ceramic product good categories in the U.S.A. and abroad. He continues to "get dirty" on the production floor and educates his clients in best practices of making, applying, and firing glazes.

Robert holds an MBA from Clemson University and a B.S. in ceramic engineering with a minor in art history from The Ohio State University.

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