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Introduction to Ceramic Science, Technology, and Manufacturing

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An ACerS online course

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Learn the basics of what ceramics are, their applications, and how they are made—from the comfort of your location.

Instructor:  Carl Frahme, Ph.D., FACerS

Course description

The course is designed for those working in the ceramic industry who need a foundational understanding of ceramic materials, manufacturing, and applications. Beginning with atoms, learn how structure determines the unique properties of ceramic materials, how they are used in applications, and how we manufacture ceramic components.

ACerS Fellow Carl Frahme draws on his long career in ceramics manufacturing and more than four decades experience teaching ceramic engineering concepts to deliver the fundamental concepts you need to do your job better.

Who will benefit?

  • Engineers, especially those unfamiliar with ceramics
  • Plant operators, supervisors, maintenance, QA staff
  • R&D technicians
  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Those new to the ceramic industry

What you'll learn

Introduction to Ceramic Science, Technology, and Manufacturing
5 modules, 27 lessons, 30 hours of instruction

  • Introduction to ceramic science
    Atoms | Crystals | Microstructure | Structure–property relationships
  • Ceramic manufacturing technology
    Structure & properties | Raw materials | Compositions | Batching | Forming | Firing | Kilns | Glazes | Glass manufacturing
  • The ceramic industry
    Traditional ceramics | Advanced ceramics by composition family | Advanced ceramics by property/application | Refractories | Glass | Cement
  • Evaluation and process control
    Measurement | Statistical process control
  • Challenges, opportunities, and the future

Need to miss a lecture?

All lectures will be recorded, so even if you cannot attend the live lectures, you can still take the course using the recordings. They will be posted after each live lecture and include the very same video and audio content—and personalized instructor feedback.

Students who complete the assignments will receive a certificate of completion.

Customized training

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What the students are saying...

"Thank you, I truly learned a lot and really appreciated your insights and knowledge."

"It was sincerely beneficial to me in understanding the core concepts of why different ceramics bodies have specific characteristics and how they change through the manufacturing process. Very good stuff to understand, especially from a QE's perspective."

"Your experiences and anecdotes were always interesting and provided helpful insight into various facets of the industry."

"This course helped fill in some of the basic materials science concepts behind ceramic materials and crystal structures."

"Thank you for an interesting class. You are easy to listen to, speak at the right level, and I will recommend this course going forward."

"This course has been extremely helpful in broadening my knowledge of ceramic science and can help me understand and possibly contribute to some of the issues my team runs into."

"This course will prove extremely helpful to me and to the people I interact with on a daily basis at work."

"I love the layout of the course in a timeline that makes sense from a process standpoint. I feel the topics that really shed light on problems we are currently experiencing were those leading up to actually firing product."

"The program has provided me with tools that can help me improve the performance of my organization. I would recommend the program to others without reservation."

Instructor bio


Carl Frahme, FACerS, owns a consulting firm focusing in three areas: technical and manufacturing consulting, education and training, and expert witness services. He also teaches material science as an adjunct for the University of Kansas. Frahme has more than 50 years of technical and educational experience and services.

Frahme holds a Ph.D. in ceramic sciences and engineering from Rutgers University.

Course schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning August 6, 2019

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Eastern

(Days and times are subject to change)


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Cancellation Policy

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