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ACerS President's Council of Student Advisors (PCSA) is hosting the May webinar, Opportunity in Chaos in the ACerS Professional Skills and Personal Development Webinar Series. This webinar will focus on strategies for navigating career paths amidst the cross-cultural experiences, finding the right opportunities and negotiation skills to get the best out of your academic research and coursework.

ACerS Young Professionals Network (YPN) is hosting the June webinar, Career Development & What Motivates You in the ACerS Professional Skills and Personal Development Webinar Series. Would it surprise you to know that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs? Pursue a career path in what motivates you – and create a development plan around it. The importance of defining what motivates you is pivotal in achieving a successful career.

ACerS Eastern Tennessee Section  is hosting the June webinar, Opportunities for additive manufacturing of ceramic composites using material extrusion in the ACerS Frontiers of Ceramics and Glass Webinar Series. This webinar will begin with a brief history of material extrusion AM and AM of ceramic materials, followed by a discussion of features of the process that are relevant to printing ceramics and controlling architecture and properties in printed composites. Read more.

ACerS Italy Chapter is hosting the July webinar, Metallic glasses: An overview of the state of the art and their application in biomedical sector in the ACerS Frontiers of Ceramics and Glass Webinar Series.

The discovery of metallic glasses has stimulated widespread research enthusiasm because of their technological promise for numerous applications and their underlying mechanism is glass formation has opened doors in understanding the glass phenomena. The continuation of rapid growth in the field of metallic glasses can be attributed to advancement in fundamental understanding of their structure and deformation, their ability to represent the liquid state. Read more.

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