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Hosted by the ACerS Colorado Section, this webinar will feature a presentation from Dr. David Kisailus (University of California, Irvine) that will examine synthesis and performance of ceramic-based biological composites . Click here to register.

The ACerS Young Professionals Network (YPN), and the ACerS Publications Committee are co-hosting the What happens after you click ‘submit?’ webinar. Mario Affatigato, Ricardo Castro, Bill Fahrenholtz, and Young-Wook Kim will share behind-the-scenes insights about how the manuscript review and decision-making process works based on their experience as the editors-in-chief of the four ACerS journals.

Hosted by the Structural Clay Products Division, this webinar will feature a presentation from Professor John Sanders (Clemson University) that will discuss results from his full rheometric study consisting of six extrusion velocities for three different die sizes, at three moisture contents per material were carried out. Click here to register.


Hosted by the United Kingdom Chapter, Professor Clive Randall (Pennsylvania State University) will discuss cold sintering and how it involves a transient phase that permits the densification of particulate materials at low temperatures 300 oC and below.  Click here to register.

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