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Hosted by ACerS Manufacturing Division, this webinar will feature a presentation by William M. Carty (Alfred University). In his presentation, he will discuss how raw material variability (e.g., particle size distribution) and powder processing can impact manufacturing control and product consistency from an engineering perspective, such as by offering a potentially new way to look at particle size distribution data. Click here for more information and to register.

Previous webinars

Hosted by the Washington DC/Northern VA/MD Section the second webinar of the ACerS Frontiers of Ceramics & Glass Webinar Series featured a presentation by Elizabeth Opila (University of Virginia). In her presentation, the thermal, thermomechanical, and thermochemical properties of high entropy rare earth silicates and oxides were described with emphasis on application as environmental barrier coatings. The webinar recording may be accessed by ACerS members by logging into the ACerS Webinar Archives page.

Hosted by the Bioceramics Division, this webinar featured presentations from Professor Julian Jones (Imperial College London, Bioceramics Division Chair) and Professor Kalpana Katti (North Dakota State University,  Bioceramics Division Secretary. The presentations discussed the properties of bioglass, inorganic/organic sol-gel hybrids and methods for 3D printing them and use and design of nanoclays in biomaterials applications. The webinar recording may be accessed by ACerS members by logging into the ACerS Webinar Archives page.

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All access ACerS webinars

Check out the all access recordings available as noted below. These all access recordings are available for anyone to view!

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