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ACerS is pleased to offer a variety of resources for middle and high school teachers who have an interest in teaching materials science.  We also offer a wide selection of resources for teachers and parents who may be utilizing online learning.  From our Materials Science Classroom Kit to free downloadable lessons and instructional videos, classroom resources are just a click away!

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Materials Science Demonstration Kits

Materials Science Classroom Kit

Developed for 7th-12th grades, discover what a fantastic teaching tool the Materials Science Classroom Kit is! Fun, hands-on lessons and labs introduce students to the four basic classes of materials: ceramics, composites, metals, and polymers. Also included with the kit is the widely respected book, The Magic of Ceramics.

Materials Science Classroom Kit with contents-min

Mini Materials Kit

The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, building on lessons developed by Missouri University of Science & Technology, is proud to offer our Mini Materials Kit, a collection of seven simple demonstrations for use practically anywhere by parents, teachers, and students who are utilizing online and at-home teaching resources.


Download free lessons

The nine lessons contained in the Materials Science Classroom Kit, plus an additional six lessons, are available to download for free, if a lab is already equipped with the necessary components and supplies needed to perform the experiments. Three lessons requiring liquid nitrogen are available as part of the free downloadable lessons for any teachers who are able to obtain their own liquid nitrogen.

The instructions for the demonstrations from the Mini Materials Demo Kit are also available for download.

Free study guides for The Magic of Ceramics

In addition to the nine lessons contained in the Materials Science Classroom Kit, study guides are available for each chapter of The Magic of Ceramics, the book that is included with each Materials Science Classroom Kit.

Download free posters for your classroom

Informative, high-quality posters are available for you to download and print.  A number of topics dealing with ceramic and glass science are available to you; additional topics are under development and new posters will be added soon!

Ceramics are Cool! Resource Page

ACerS and The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation offer a multitude of useful resources for learning about ceramic and glass science and research, as well as material science in general. You can also learn some fun facts about ceramics!

Replacement Supplies

Replacement supplies are available for most of the consumable items in the Materials Science Classroom Kit. You can now conveniently order one kit that includes replacement materials for the kit.

Replacement Supplies Information

The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation supports educational outreach to students of all ages.

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Instructional Videos

View instructional videos for each of the demos in our Materials Science Classroom Kit

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