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The Materials Science Classroom Kit facilitates learning and inspires students to pursue further studies in materials science! Fun, hands-on lessons and activities introduce middle and high school students to the basic classes of materials — ceramics, composites, metals, and polymers.

The Materials Science Classroom Kit complies with Next Generation Science Standards and is highly regarded as the best of its kind.  Andrew Nydam, a materials science teacher and curriculum coach for over 35 years, says of the lessons in the kit:

"The lessons are some of the most well-written lessons I’ve seen in the industry. They are truly great and valuable for all science teachers!"

Included in each kit:

  • Most materials needed for 9 demonstrations and lab activities for multiple uses
  • The Teacher’s Manual, an illustrated guide that includes background information, learning objectives, keywords, materials lists, safety precautions, detailed instructions, demo delivery hints, teacher discussion questions, and student question handouts
  • A thumb drive that contains an introductory PowerPoint presentation, an electronic version of the Teacher’s Manual, instructional videos for each demonstration and lab activity, and study guides for each chapter of The Magic of Ceramics (see below)

The Materials Science Classroom Kit contains five lessons that are designed for the teacher to perform with assistance from the students and four lessons that are designed for students to perform in small groups.

Review and download for free the nine lessons!

Click here to review the Next Generation Science Standards for the lessons.

Click here to view the instructional videos for each demonstration!

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Replacement Supplies

Replacement supplies are available for most of the consumable items in the Materials Science Classroom Kit. You can now conveniently order one kit that includes replacement materials for the kit. Learn more here

The popular book, The Magic of Ceramics, accompanies the kit and introduces the nontechnical reader to the many exciting applications of ceramics while teaching key scientific concepts.

Additionally, study guides for each chapter of The Magic of Ceramics comes in the kit and are also available to download for free.