Discounted membership available for those in developing and underdeveloped countries, as identified by the World Bank.

ACerS introduces a new program that offers reduced dues membership for individuals in developing and underdeveloped countries.

To better serve professionals and graduate students* from all technical and economic sectors of the ceramics and glass community, individuals working or studying in developing countries are eligible for select ACerS membership dues categories as noted below.

Low-Income EconomyLower-Middle-Income Economy
Individual membership dues$30 USD$60 USD
GGRN membership dues$7.50 USD$15 USD

Eligible countries are based on those defined as Low-Income or Lower-Middle-Income Economies by the World Bank. Click here for a list of qualifying countries (updated yearly).

If you reside or study in one of these countries, you must apply for these reduced dues by completing the ACerS Reduced Dues Membership Application. Memberships obtained here provide access to all of the ACerS benefits that correlate with their membership type.

Residents from countries that are removed from the World Bank list will receive the dues discount throughout their current membership term. Upon the conclusion of that term, they must renew at the current regular annual dues for Individual members.

*Undergraduate students may apply for Material Advantage membership at reduced rates here.