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1 World Trade Center

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By Eileen De Guire / February 19, 2013

Lots of interesting things going on around the US and the world: Quantum dot energy harvester: Turning waste heat into electricity on the nanoscale A new type of nanoscale engine has been proposed that would use quantum dots to generate electricity from waste heat, potentially making microcircuits more efficient. The engines would be microscopic in…

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1 World Trade Center unveils replacement for flawed glass designs

By / November 11, 2011

New glass sheathing for 1 WTC ‘pedestal” will go below the glass portions that can be seen in the construction picture above taken Oct. 25, 2011. Credit: edrost88. Back in May I reported that after a $10M expenditure, production problems lead to abandonment of 1 World Trade Center’s prism glass façade. Back then, the hoped-for design…

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Fractured plans: After $10M expenditure, tempering problems lead to abandonment of 1 World Trade Center’s prism glass façade

By / May 20, 2011

Architectural representation of 1 World Trade Center lower section design: Credit: SOM Architects. Although it seems that the decision actually was made several weeks ago, news is just now starting to bubble up about how officials managing the development and construction of the new 1 World Trade Center building in New York City have axed…

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