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ACerS 117th Annual Meeting

ACerS 117th Annual Meeting—State of the Society is strong, aimed for future growth

By Eileen De Guire / October 9, 2015

President Kathleen Richardson provided a “State of the Society” overview and informed the membership of Society activities at the 117th Annual Meeting on Monday, October 5, 2015.

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Let the festivities begin—MS&T15 kicks off in Columbus, Ohio

By Stephanie Liverani / October 6, 2015

This year’s Materials Science & Technology conference began on Sunday, and the schedule has been packed with presentations and lectures from some of the world’s top leaders, researchers, scientists, and business people.

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With honors—ACerS announces 2015 Distinguished Life Members

By Stephanie Liverani / August 26, 2015

ACerS announces the organization’s 2015 Distinguished Life Members: David J. Green, Martin P. Harmer, and Rishi Raj. The September ACerS Bulletin features a two-page spread on the honorees and gives readers a glimpse into the careers and contributions made by these individuals to the ceramic and glass profession.

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