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MS&T18 and ACerS Annual Meeting—Recapping a busy week

By Eileen De Guire / October 19, 2018

MS&T18 closed the week with a record 3,200 attendees, 92 vendors, and thousands of technical presentations. The Annual Meeting, Awards banquet, technical sessions, and student contests rounded out a busy week for ACerS members.

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Student workshop to provide top-level yet affordable guiding light for professional development

By April Gocha / December 11, 2015

Students and young professionals from around the world are encouraged to attend ACerS Winter Workshop, Jan. 22–25, 2016, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

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ACerS PCSA produces video to recruit the next generation of Society leaders

By Jessica McMathis / March 23, 2015

Attracting, inspiring, and training the next generation of ceramic and glass professionals starts with getting students engaged. At ACerS, that means getting students involved with the Society on the local, national, and international levels early and often.

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‘A ceramic by another name would still be brittle’—Students, release your inner Shakespeare!

By Eileen De Guire / March 1, 2013

Scanning electron micrograph of a partially agglomerated suspension of alumina particles, which have been directionally freeze-­cast resulting in large alumina agglomerates laced with a fine freeze-­cast structure. Credit: Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington. As far as we know, William Shakespeare was not a ceramist, but ceramists can be writers! In fact, most are,…

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ICACC’13 Photoblog #1 from Daytona Beach

By / January 28, 2013

At the 37th International Conference and Exposition on Applied Ceramics and Composites, Sunday was a big day for arrivals, registration plus a pleasant ocean-side atmosphere for meeting old and new friends at the big reception Sunday night. Earlier in the day there were meetings of the Board of Directors of The American Ceramic Society and the…

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Vesuvius Research Center in Pittsburgh hosts student tour during the MS&T’12

By Eileen De Guire / October 23, 2012

Duane DeBastiani gave a presentation about Vesuvius and its technologies. Credit: Zhu; Vesuvius. Editor’s note: The student tour to a local ceramics business has become a favorite tradition at MS&T. This year was the fifth consecutive year for the tour, and ACerS member Sumin Zhu, principal scientist at Vesuvius and a key organizer of this…

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Ceramic Leadership Summit: Students see it as ‘exciting departure from norm’

By David Shahin and Chris Dosch / June 30, 2010

For two students who are used to attending technical conferences like MS&T and ICACC, the experience at the first Ceramic Leadership Summit was an exciting departure from the conference norm. The Summit, held June 21-22, 2010 in Baltimore, Md., replaced the typical research presentation sessions with content that was far more global in its perspective.…

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