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Saved by glass: Tardigrades use biological vitrification to survive complete desiccation

By April Gocha / March 21, 2017

New research reveals that tardigrades encode a specific set of proteins that allow the animals’ insides to undergo vitrification, using glassy materials to prevent cellular damage that would otherwise occur when the animals desiccate.

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Supercomputer simulations shed insight into thermal conductivity of glass and other amorphous materials

By April Gocha / February 3, 2017

Using the power of a supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas Austin, a Georgia Tech professor of mechanical engineering is going to save the world—and glass is going to play a central role.

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Hanging tough: Rare ceramic goes amorphous for strength

By April Gocha / November 5, 2014

New research into a rare form of silica, stishovite, shows that the metastable material gets tough by a unique mechanism—transitioning from a crystalline to amorphous structure.

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New energy landscapes reveal glass states have rough fractal basins

By April Gocha / April 29, 2014

New research from Duke University updates the energy landscape of glasses and shows that the landscape, which maps all possible energy levels of the glass molecules, is much rougher than previously believed.

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