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Video: Even an industrial steamroller can’t break this nearly indestructible ceramic

By April Gocha / October 4, 2017

There are many elements critical to today’s technology that are in danger of running out—and they’re the subject of a fascinating new BBC TV documentary called “Secrets of the Super Elements” hosted by Mark Miodownik.

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Communicating ceramics through pottery—and primetime TV

By April Gocha / December 10, 2015

U.K. television show “The Great Pottery Throwdown” goes beyond entertaining at the potter’s wheel—the show also uses scientific experts to link traditional ceramics to the world of advanced ceramics. Included in the show’s cadre of experts is none other than ACerS President-elect Bill Lee.

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‘Everyday Miracles’ puts materials science on TV with scientist Mark Miodownik

By April Gocha / February 3, 2015

In the new BBC TV show “Everyday Miracles,” host and materials scientist Mark Miodownik “reveals the amazing stories behind everyday objects of desire and how they are miraculously transformed from raw materials into the very stuff of the modern world.”

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Ceramics as creative and integrative air pollution solutions

By April Gocha / May 31, 2014

Some interesting ceramic initiatives are now popping up to help clean the existing polluted air, using clever materials and integrative designs to help us all breathe easier.

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Video of the week: BBC’s ‘Ceramics – How they work’ (now available outside UK )

By / April 27, 2012

About 10 days ago, we reported that the BBC would be broadcasting a one-hour presentation on ceramic and glass science, but the broadcast would only be available to UK residents. The show, “Ceramics — How they work,” is the third part of a series that has covered plastics and metals. The good news is that…

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BBC to broadcast ‘Ceramics: How They Work’

By / April 16, 2012

Screenshot of superconductors from BBC4 presentation of “Ceramics: How They Work.” Credit: BBC. I don’t have access to BBC channels (and I am unclear how much of the network’s programming is available online after the original broadcast), I but I received an announcement that this special show on ceramic science will be aired tonight on…

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