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Denmark dangles huge tax, parking carrot for electric cars

By / December 2, 2009

The New York Times today has a story about a major tax-policy initiative underway in Denmark that government officials are hoping will provide a big boost to the use of electric cars. The story also reports on how Better Place, a company we’ve written on in the past, and Dong Energy, Denmark’s largest utility company,…

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Better Place Electric Car Plan

By / April 9, 2009

The approach by the company (illustrated in this video) is interesting in that they will allow consumers to buy the miles that they will drive the cars while the cars themselves will be available for purchase at a reduced price like current cell phone plans.

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Bay Area Plans to become US’ Electric Car Capital

By Ed Herderick / December 10, 2008

(Hello to Ed Herderick, one of our new bloggers. Ed is working on his PhD in material sciences at The Ohio State University. His focus is on nanowire synthesis, characterization, and properties measurements, and if you ever want to yack with someone about the functional properties of oxides including gas sensing, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric properties-…

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