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Friedman: ‘Dammit, you’re not dreaming enough!’

By / March 9, 2010

Like shootin’ fish in a barrel. Me, six days ago: Prediction: Tom will state that Bloom Energy changes everything! Today from Friedman: Several months ago, though, Sridhar took me into the parking lot behind Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters and showed me the inside of one of his Bloom Boxes, the size of a small shipping…

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Bloom Box boom leaves lots of questions

By / February 24, 2010

Today was Bloom Energy‘s big media extravaganza and it seems like they were aiming for something on the order of what Apple or Microsoft would try to pull off. The stage was shared by big name politicians (Schwarzenegger and Powell) the online gods (Google and eBay), the movers and shakers in the investor class (Kleiner…

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60 Minutes to air look at ‘Bloom Box’ fuel cells

By / February 20, 2010

Via a note from Kristen Brosnan, I learned that Lesley Stahl and her 60 Minutes crew at CBS are doing a big story tomorrow (Feb. 21) on Bloom Energy and the apparent success of their solid oxide fuel cell system that has been packaged into what the company is marketing as a “Bloom Box.” Click on…

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