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Making photovoltaic solar cells that last

By Eileen De Guire / June 1, 2011

Solar concentration mirror for PV energy generation. Credit: Replex Plastics. Yesterday, the DOE announced $27 million in new funding for projects aimed at reducing the non-hardware costs of solar energy – things like streamlining zoning, building codes, regulations, etc. and the IT systems that will support them. It’s part of meeting the Obama administration’s SunShot…

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Aeroclay – Aerogel Research at Case Western

By / October 15, 2009

This presentation features some of the aerogel work of David Schiraldi’s group at CWRU.

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Video of the week: Aeroclay research at Case Western

By / September 30, 2009

We first wrote about the aerogel work of David Schiraldi’s group at CWRU back in June. Now the school and university have produced a great little video about basic steps of processing the materials and some of the applications that have been developed. The possibilities include lightweight kitty litter, green insulation and much more.

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