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Mechanism for electric field effects during sintering

By Eileen De Guire / September 15, 2011

The image on the left is 3Y-TZP sintered at 1,500°C. The image on the right is of 3Y-TZP, which had a 60 Hertz AC electric field applied to it followed by sintering at 1,250°C. Credit: Hans Conrad, NC State University. Last year we reported on a number of papers that were published in 2010 on electric…

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Study: Magnetic field may improve bone biomineralization

By / March 16, 2009

Apropos to the new MS&T symposium on materials and the effects of electric and magnetic fields, I received a notice that there will be a paper presented tomorrow (March 17) at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society the explores possible routes for improving bone growth, grafts and implants, and looks at the role…

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