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Gorilla Glass 3

Strong, lightweight, and ductile (yes, ductile) silica glass nanofibers

By Eileen De Guire / January 11, 2013

University of Southampton (UK) scientist, Gilberto Brambilla, developed the strongest, lightest known silica glass nanofibers. Credit: U. Southampton. It looks like a team of optoelectronics researchers from the University of Southampton in Britain may be getting into the structural composites business. According to the press release, the group discovered how to make “the strongest, lightest weight…

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Gorilla Glass 3 explained (and it is a modeling first for Corning!)

By / January 7, 2013

Credit: Corning; YouTube. [updated with link to Corning’s new GG3 product information sheet] Among techies (amateur and professional), Gorilla Glass has developed a cult following. Even my barber, who was only vaguely aware of my occupation, once gave me a long rap about the stuff, and I figure that when a topic reaches the barbershop…

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Corning to unveil Gorilla Glass 3, consumer optical connectors at CES

By / January 4, 2013

Credit: Corning. The annual International CES show is a geek-fest for electronics, and the trail to new electronics often leads back to materials innovations, and next week’s CES show should be no different. One company that has tried to leverage its materials development strengths by maintaining a high visibility at CES is Corning. For the…

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