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Billion-dollar global development lab seeks scientific solutions to end extreme poverty by 2030

By Jessica McMathis / April 16, 2014

The newly formed US Global Development Lab is set to offer up scientific solutions to the world’s poverty problems—and end extreme poverty by 2030.

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Video: Lilliputian debuts SOFC for your iPhone, other electronics

By / January 11, 2013

At $299 this is pretty pricey, however, I think the Nectar Mobile Power System, based on a mini solid oxide fuel cell that Lillipution Systems introduced this week at the CES show, could represent something of a breakthrough for consumer thinking about impact what larger-scale SOFCs could have once the technology matures. What I mean is that,…

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Corning to unveil Gorilla Glass 3, consumer optical connectors at CES

By / January 4, 2013

Credit: Corning. The annual International CES show is a geek-fest for electronics, and the trail to new electronics often leads back to materials innovations, and next week’s CES show should be no different. One company that has tried to leverage its materials development strengths by maintaining a high visibility at CES is Corning. For the…

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MIT Tech Review’s top 10 emerging technologies

By Eileen De Guire / May 8, 2012

Semprius (Durham, N.C.) was named one the MIT Tech Review‘s top ten emerging technologies. The company uses glass lenses to concentrate light over gallium arsenide photovoltaic cells to gain energy conversion efficiencies as high as 34 percent. Credit: Semprius. Last week the editors of MIT’s Technology Review released their annual list of what they see…

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Ultracapacitors challenge Li-ion batteries

By / March 25, 2010

Scientists at MIT, Intel and other facilities are researching microstructures in hopes of replacing lithium-ion batteries with nanoscale ultrapowerful capacitors. If successful, the new materials could be mass produced in volumes to power systems ranging from mobile devices to electric vehicles to smart grid storage units. According to EE Times, Intel researchers have been working…

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