International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology

New paint pigment for ceramic tiles can cool Thai roofs by 2°C

By / June 8, 2011

Houses in Thailand typically have steep roofs and may benefit from new, cooler ceramic tile pigment. Credit: Wikipedia. A two-degree temperature drop in room temperature may not sound like a lot, but it can make a huge difference in a nation’s aggregate energy costs and investments. This is particularly true in a warm climate nation…

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Adaptive Materials scores Michigan $3M microtubular solid oxide fuel cell award

By / March 30, 2010

Ann Arbor-based Adaptive Materials Inc, a specialist in making microtubular solid oxide fuel cells, announced yesterday that it has won $3 million in new funding through Michigan’s Centers of Energy Excellence Program. AMI, until now, has focused most of its efforts on military uses for its SOFCs, such as soldier-worn units, power sources for unmanned…

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Perfecting a missile dome

By / November 18, 2009

The online version of ACerS’ International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology has a new story that reveals many of the problems scientists and engineers face when designing the tips of missiles – called domes – used by primarily by the military, and the results of some interesting research on a new dome material. The gist…

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Thermoreversible gelcasting and lamination

By / October 7, 2009

The current issue of the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology reports on a Northwestern University group’s work related to using improved gelcasting techniques that allow new possibilities for manufacturing of certain laminates. Gelcasting, a technique perfected at the Oak Ridge National Lab, is a method used to create large, near-net-shape ceramic and metal components…

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New ceramic-based insulin delivery system reported

By / September 28, 2009

What may be a new and effective alternative to insulin injections is being reported in a paper (subscription required) to published in an online edition of ACerS’ International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology. Researchers Willi Paul and Chandra Sharma, working in India, report favorable in vitro results from tests in which insulin was bound to…

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DC plasma + garbage incineration wastes = functional ceramics

By / August 13, 2009

An upcoming issue of ACerS’ International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (available as an “Early View” paper, subscription required) will have an intriguing report from three researchers from the United Kingdom’s Imperial College and a colleague from Tectronics Ltd. regarding a process to render flue glass emissions into an environmentally safe form and, potentially, into…

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