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With quasicrystal discovery, Daniel Shechtman earns Nobel Prize in Chemistry

By / October 5, 2011

Daniel Shechtman’s diffraction pattern was tenfold: turning the picture a tenth of a full circle (36 degrees) results in the same pattern. Credit: Shechtman; Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Daniel Shechtman, while working at NIST alongside other luminaries, such as John Cahn, set the physics and materials science world atwitter (even before Twitter!) in 1984…

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John Cahn awarded 2011 Kyoto Prize for materials work

By / June 24, 2011

Kyoto Prize laureate John W. Cahn The Society just received word that the Inamori Foundation has just named John W. Cahn as the winner of its 2011 Kyoto Prize in the category of Advanced Technology: Materials Science and Engineering. The international Kyoto awards are presented to individuals “who have contributed significantly to the progress of science,…

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