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Materials research and research centers get leg up from NSF funding

By Jessica McMathis / March 2, 2015

Thanks to a multi-million-dollar infusion of funding from the National Science Foundation, materials and materials research centers are having one of their best months ever.

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Materials, moustache smart mirrors, and more find buzz on the CES 2015 floor

By Jessica McMathis / January 11, 2015

What’s hot in consumer electronics? Jessica rounds up some of the most buzzed-about technologies and products unveiled on the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show floor.

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Blu-ray binaries provide the blueprint for better solar cells

By Jessica McMathis / December 9, 2014

Northwestern University researchers have discovered that Blu-ray discs are not only a boost to one’s Saturday evening plans, but also to how solar cells can absorb light.

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Trick or treat? Arduino-controlled Halloween machine makes either a matter of possibility

By Jessica McMathis / October 30, 2014

This Halloween hack requires little more than an Arduino microcontroller, Nerf gun, and drill to add a bit of high-tech trickery to Trick or Treat.

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Better than graphene? Cigarette butts outperform supermaterial as supercapacitors

By Jessica McMathis / August 17, 2014

Could a discarded cigarette butt possibly do some good? New research from Seoul National University suggests yes.

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‘Google for materials’—How ORNL’s new imaging institute will change materials research

By Jessica McMathis / July 1, 2014

Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently announced the launch of the Institute for Functional Imaging of Materials, which will unite experts in imaging instrumentation, fundamentals in physical and chemical imaging processes, and data analytics.

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