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Sensodyne sequel? Silica biomaterial may protect sensitive teeth better than bioglass

By April Gocha / January 20, 2015

A team led by researchers at National Taiwan University have generated and tested a gelatin-templated mesoporous silica biomaterial that shows good biocompatibility and longer-lasting effects to ease the pain of sensitive teeth.

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Biocompatability tests for nanoscale Ormosil particles raises hopes for use as neuro drug delivery agent

By / January 10, 2012

Ormosil particles in axons of fruit fly neurons appear as bright red spots. Even after long-term exposure, the cells and the flies themselves remain unharmed. (Credit: Shermali Gunawardena; PLoS One). Medical researchers and materials scientists have been collaborating in many places to develop novel micro-targeted drug delivery systems, often with multiple functions in mind. For…

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Mesoporous silica honeycomb carries antibodies, kills tumors

By / May 26, 2010

Like bees and their honeycomb, a team of PNNL and University of Washington scientists have figured out a way to pack tumor killing antibodies into the cavities of porous silica particles, hopefully creating a superior transport system for anti-cancer agents. They have demonstrated that they can embed antibodies into the structure of chemically modified silica…

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