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Multilab study begins establishing uniform protocols for nanotoxicity testing

By Eileen De Guire / July 15, 2013

Image above: Inflammation of mice lungs after exposure to titania nanobelts. Credit: Environmental Health Perspectives; NIH.  The “discovery” of nanomaterials about 15 years ago sparked the imaginations of researchers, and forward-thinking manufacturers followed soon thereafter. These too-small-to-see materials have properties at the nanoscale that are impossible at the bulk scale. However, the manufacturing community and…

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Nanotoxicology emerging as specialized field for nanoparticle safety

By Eileen De Guire / April 9, 2013

This image of toxic effects from exposure to nanoparticles dates to 2007. New nanotoxicological techniques could mean significant changes to the diagram, but in surprising ways. Credit: Wikimedia. As nanotechnology is increasingly commercialized, the question of safety, as it relates to handling the materials during synthesis and manufacture, and even in product use, arises regularly.…

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