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Peter distills his picks for the top 5 posts for 2012

By / December 31, 2012

My list is much more straightforward than Eileen’s. I find that restraint and discipline comes with age. Mostly. (Eileen adds—See Peter’s fifth story. We’re even!) Anyway, I crafted my list based on trends, biases, underreporting by commercial news services, murky understanding of two-dimensional phenomena and, well, bad taste. In several cases, the post I picked…

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Fine-tuning: NCSU/NSF group learns how to control phase formation of titanium dioxide at room temperature

By / June 29, 2012

A new technique allows researchers to control the phase of the titanium dioxide by modifying the structure of the titanium trioxide and sapphire substrate. Credit: Jay Narayan, NCSU; Appl. Phys. Lett. We have written several times in the past about the work of the NSF Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures at North Carolina State University…

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New computer chip holds 1 TB of data

By / October 23, 2009

A team of engineers at North Carolina State University has created a small chip that can hold 1TB of data. That’s over 50 times the capacity of today’s silicon-based chip. Led by Jagdish “Jay” Narayan, director of the National Science Foundation Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures at NCSU, the team said that their…

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