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Nissan Leaf

Pump electrolytes instead of gas? New flow battery technology for electric vehicles

By Faye Oney / June 16, 2017

Electric cars may soon see another resurgence, as a research team from Purdue University recently developed a flow battery that recharges instantly—by replacing spent battery fluids with electrolytes.

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Video: Nissan unveils new zero-emission, high-performance concept car

By Stephanie Liverani / September 21, 2016

Keeping fuel-efficiency paramount, automotive manufacturer Nissan recently unveiled its latest concept car—the BladeGlider, which “combines zero-emissions with high-performance in a revolutionary sports car design,” according to a Nissan press release.

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Strontium aluminate keeps Nissan Leaf’s glow-in-the-dark paint shining bright after the sun sets

By April Gocha / May 8, 2015

Nissan’s European arm is the first vehicle manufacturer to apply glow-in-the-dark paint to a vehicle—and the results are glowing.

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ACEEE: All-gasoline and natural-gas 2011 U.S. vehicles not ceding ‘greenest’ label yet

By / February 20, 2011

Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. Credit: Smart USA Here’s cautionary lesson about the hype around hybrid and all-electric automobiles: A respected nonprofit group dedicated to energy efficiency just released its list of “greenest” cars among the 2011 class and seven of the top 13 rely on piston-driven “conventional” engines. In fact, the top performer on the list…

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Volt to sell for $41K, lease $350 a month

By / August 5, 2010

CNN reported that General Motors announced its Chevrolet Volt electric car will cost $41,000 when it goes on sale in November. While the price is about $8,000 more than the Nissan Leaf, GM said it will offer a $350-per-month lease deal that’s essentially equal to the Leaf’s. Both cars also are eligible for a federal…

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Nissan’s Li-ion pack dips below $400/kWh

By / May 10, 2010

Over 8,200 people have made online reservations in the past month for the upcoming Nissan Leaf EV, and for good reason. Set to be released this year, the $33,000 vehicle is the early adopter’s dream. It’s the first affordable all-electric vehicle from a major auto manufacturer. Nissan’s secret behind the Leaf’s reasonable price is a…

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Video of the Week: Sneak peak at Nissan’s Leaf

By / October 29, 2009

[flash mode=0] There has been a lot of discussion on this site regarding Nissan’s new all electric vehicle, the Leaf. This promotional video highlights the lithium-ion battery pack, and other cool features found in the car.

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Nissan Leaf breaks from Big Three mold

By / October 28, 2009

On the heels of last week’s post about Nissan’s new plug-in hybrid, The Wall Street Journal reported that Nissan is the only car manufacturer out of Japan’s Big Three (Toyota, Honda, Nissan) that appears to be staking its future on full electric cars. Unlike hybrids, full on electric cars will only travel as far as…

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Nissan and ORNL team up to deliver 400 miles per battery charge

By / October 20, 2009

Automotive News reported (registration required) that while Nissan has in hand a laminated lithium ion battery (based on a manganese spinel cathode material) for use in its plug-in hybrid electric Leaf model, the automaker is already working on its next-generation battery design – and it may be sold to other automakers. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn…

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Mileage wars!

By / August 12, 2009

About time this competition heats up. General Motors said yesterday that Volt extended-range electric vehicle, (not due until 2011), would achieve a fuel rating of 230 miles a gallon in city driving. A few days ago a competitor in the field, Nissan, boasted that its electric vehicle, the Leaf, would get 367 mpg. The Leaf…

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