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Ripple effect: Ripplocations help explain dislocation theory in layered materials

By April Gocha / September 30, 2016

Researchers at Drexel University report on their studies of MAX phase ceramics that describe a completely new observation of how materials deform—a finding with broad implications for various other kinds of layered materials.

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Bulletin May 2007 Vol 86, No. 5 Online-only papers

By Eileen De Guire / March 11, 2012

“Synthesis of Hematite from Steel Scrap to Produce Ceramic Pigments”Steel scrap was recycled and heat-treated as an alternative raw material for the synthesis of iron oxide-based pigments for the ceramics industry.V.P. Della, J.A. Junkes, O.R.K. Montedo, A.P.N. Oliveira, C.R. Rambo and D. Hotza “Castable Synthesis from Dolomite and Bauxite”Dolomite and bauxite can be effective raw…

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