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Thinking outside the windmill: Innovative tree-like structures turn vibrations into energy

By Stephanie Liverani / February 2, 2016

A project at Ohio State University is testing a new tool that resembles a tree-like structure for harvesting energy that uses vibrations from wind, traffic on a bridge, and even seismic activity to generate power.

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Materials science among the main attractions at Ohio State Fair

By Stephanie Liverani / August 11, 2015

ACerS and Ohio State University’s Materials Science and Engineering department teamed up to participate in the 2015 Technology and Engineering Showcase at the Ohio State Fair, making materials science a main attraction.

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OSU team marries battery and solar cell in single device

By Jessica McMathis / October 10, 2014

A team from Ohio State University has developed a hybrid solar cell-rechargeable battery—the world’s first—that cuts the cost of renewable energy and increases solar energy efficiency.

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Latest hydrogen catalyst: Calcium-Cerium Oxide

By / September 5, 2008

It seems like there is a breakthrough a week in the realm of lower-cost catalysts for producing hydrogen. The latest news comes from Ohio State University, where researchers are using a $1.1 million grant to develop alternatives to pricey rare and precious metallic catalysts like platinum and rhodium. With these metals selling for thousands of…

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