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1366 Technologies demonstrates directly manufactured silicon PV wafer

By / March 9, 2010

Last August I wrote about the typical 50% waste created when wire saws are used to slice silicon ingots into PV-suitable wafers, and research being conducted in Germany to lower that waste. Now 1366 Technologies, according to a story and video by Technology Review’s Kevin Bullis, is saying it might be able eliminate all saw…

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Polysilicon spot-market prices drop; indicator of long-term trend?

By / December 3, 2009

Via Greentech Media, a recent report indicates that there has been a dramatic fall off in the spot market price of polysilicon, a development that may help continue to lower the price of solar panels. First, it can’t be emphasized enough that spot market pricing is much different than typical production-volume pricing. The spot market…

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Dow Corning makes multi-billion dollar solar investment

By / February 9, 2009

Dow Corning Corp., known for its silicon-based technology, is betting it can be a major supplier to solar industry via a capital investment of several billion dollars. The investment will include construction of a new plant in Hemlock, Mich., where the firm will begin manufacturing high-purity monosilane, a critical specialty gas central to the production…

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