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Point Source Power leverages ‘Votosynthesis’ to bring down scale of SOFCs

By Eileen De Guire / May 7, 2013

If you read this blog often, you may notice a few similarities between Power Practical’s PowerPot thermoelectric power generation devices, and a new solid oxide few cell gadget being offered by a Berkeley National Lab startup company, Point Source Power (PSP). The applications in mind for both of these power generation systems are generally the…

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PowerPots demonstrate practical side of thermoelectrics

By / April 19, 2012

[flash http://ceramictechweekly.org/wp-content/video/powerpot_kickstarter.flv mode=1 f={image=http://ceramictechweekly.org/wp-content/video/powerpot_kickstarter.jpg}] Among my camping gear is a small gas stove, a kerosene lantern and a set of nested cooking pots. I also now carry a small folding solar array (by Solio) that can provide a trickle charge to my cell phone. But some clever thermoelectric tools developed by Power Practical, a Utah-based…

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