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New tough, flexible spray-on plastic coating stands up to the elements

By Stephanie Liverani / September 9, 2016

Scientists at the Australian National University developed a new spray-on, plastic-based coating that could be used to waterproof cell phones, prevent ice formation on airplanes, and protect boat hulls against corrosion.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By April Gocha / March 30, 2016

Nanocrystal self-assembly, LED lights grow crops in space, and other materials stories that may be of interest for March 30, 2016.

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Latest self-cleaning technologies mean a lower-maintenance, ‘greener’ future

By Stephanie Liverani / March 28, 2016

The latest innovations in self-cleaning surfaces, materials, and technologies focus on low-maintenance, energy-efficient solutions for many industries with major scale-up potential.

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Power of materials: These door handles use titanium dioxide to stop the spread of germs

By April Gocha / August 5, 2015

Two new inventions are using the power of materials to help prevent spread of germs across some of the most frequently touched surfaces we encounter every day—door handles.

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Harder, better, faster, stronger: Today’s glass continues upward trajectory with nearly indestructible innovation

By April Gocha / June 8, 2015

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab have developed a new durable, antireflective, superhydrophobic glass coating that offers important improvements over its predecessors.

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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By April Gocha / January 23, 2015

ANH Refractories gets a new name, HeidelbergCement selling building products, and more ceramics and glass business news of the week for January 23, 2015.

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Video: Structure and function—Surface properties are the secret to smarter materials

By April Gocha / August 5, 2014

Materials’ surfaces are really important because they influence how something interacts with the rest of the world—and big advances in the understanding and fabrication of surfaces mean big advances in how those surfaces can function.

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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By / September 7, 2012

Here is what we are hearing: Lynas rockets after Malaysian plant approved (Sydney Morning Herald) Lynas Corp. stock soared by almost 60 per cent after the company received a temporary operating license for its long-delayed $800 million rare earths plant in Malaysia. The Lynas plant on Malaysia’s east coast has been ready to fire up since…

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Mars cleaning tech offers method to sweep dust off Earth’s solar panels

By / August 25, 2010

PV panels on the Mars rover Spirit were covered with dust over a two-year period. Credit: NASA/JPL. Self-cleaning surfaces aren’t a particularly novel idea, and self-cleaning glass commercial products made by companies, such as Saint Gobain, have been around in various products for at least five years – but at a premium price. These technologies…

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