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Microphotovoltaics produce competitive results

By / December 23, 2009

Via press release, Sandia National Lab announced that scientists have developed microphotovoltaic cells that could revolutionize the way solar energy is collected and used. The cells are fabricated using microelectronic and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) techniques common to today’s electronic foundries. They are expected eventually to be less expensive and have greater efficiencies than current photovoltaic…

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Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory awarded $4.2 million in stimulus funds

By / December 22, 2009

Via press release, Sandia National Laboratories will use $4.2 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to modify and enhance its existing Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab), with the goal of developing low-cost batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The tests help to determine how much abuse lithium-ion batteries can safely handle.…

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MS&T’09 keynote panel on new energy opportunities

By / November 5, 2009

MS&T’09’s Opening Session featured a panel of speakers actively working in renewable energy.

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Sandia announces new small fission reactor design

By / September 8, 2009

One the heels of our story on Western Troy Capital Resources’ little nuke announcement, we get word that a Sandia National Lab team has a new small-reactor design. The reactor’s output is projected to be in the range of 100 to 300 megawatts of thermal power, and structurally it would be “about the size of…

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National labs top list of R&D 100 award recipients

By / July 21, 2009

R&D Magazine hosts the R&D 100 Awards, which are presented annually to researchers who have developed the year’s 100 most outstanding advances in applied technologies. ACerS just learned that 49 out of the 100 awards were presented to U.S. national labs. The labs competed in an international pool that included universities, start-ups and large corporations.…

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New solar power system displayed at Sandia’s National Solar Thermal Test Facility

By / July 10, 2009

Four newly designed solar power collection dishes called SunCatchers were unveiled at Sandia’s National Solar Thermal Test Facility. The new dishes are the next-generation model of the original SunCatcher system. Engineers say they are designed for high-volume production, ease of maintenance and cost reductions, and could be in commercial service by 2010. The modular solar-thermal…

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SNL’s Self-Assembling Process for Fabricating Tailored Thin Films

By / June 18, 2009

From Sandia National Lab, this video demonstrates what is a relatively simple, economical nanotechnology coating process that enables development of nanoparticle thin films with architectures and properties unattainable by any other processing method.

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2008 Orton Lecture: A Retrospective and Perspective – Jeffrey Brinker

By / March 14, 2009

Brinker’s research interestes include silica sol-gel chemistry, inorganic polymers, controlled porosity materials, fundamentals of film formation, and more.

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