Microtubular SOFC: Small is beautiful – and cooler and powerful

By / August 20, 2009

A group from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and the Fine Ceramics Research Association in Nagoya, Japan, reported in a recent issue of Science about their results in studying the anodedesign and electrochemical performance for SOFCs, including a tiny tubular SOFC that might be useful in small electronics. They prepared three…

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NexTech shows off big SOFC

By / August 15, 2009

Ohio, in general, is developing a reputation for having a fuel cell business corridor, and the Columbus-area NexTech Materials is one example. The company recently demonstrated what it claims to be a record-breaking solid oxide fuel cell. NexTech’s FlexCell, a 1200 cm2 400 watts-per-cell unit is said to be the largest production planar fuel cell.…

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Report expects commercial fuel cell production to jump in 2009

By / July 1, 2009

According to a newly released report from Innovative Research and Products Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Energy and Related Nanotechnology – A Global Industry and Market Analysis, the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry is highly fragmented. According to IRAP, nearly 4,000 organizations worldwide are involved in fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology and spent an…

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Miscellaneous industry headlines

By / June 28, 2009

Four factors led to fly ash spill at Kingston Fossil Plant in Knoxville, TN NPC to invest $5.9M in fuel cell material development Department of Defense purchases 19 fuel cell power units from Plug Power Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland visit Glasstech

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Random weekend headlines

By / May 3, 2009

“You know that we are living in a material world” – Madonna Atomic layer deposition infusement make spider silk super strong. Missouri S&T prof working on PV and lithium battery improvements. Federal incentives helping Oregon’s Solarworld. Versa Power eyes SOFC manufacturing plant. RAK Ceramics has over 115 million square metres in annual production capacity. Report…

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CFC says it holds fuel cell efficiency record

By / March 7, 2009

Since we are on the subject on new efficiency records [see post here], I wanted to note that Australia’s Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. claims to have achieved 60% electrical efficiency from a natural gas powered fuel-cell “home appliance” while pushing 1.5 kilowatts to an external grid. Managing Director Brendan Dow claims solid oxide fuel cells…

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Green energy from greenhouse gases: A novel paradigm in mitigating global warming

By / February 16, 2009

(the following is a guest post from Abdul-Majeed Azad, associate professor, chemical engineering, University of Toledo) As we know, the ultimate chemical fate of the conventional fossil fuel combustion is always CO2 and H2O, two well-known greenhouse gases responsible for contributing considerably to the global warming. In 2007 the global level of CO2 was 30…

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Trio gets DOE Phase II SOCF funds

By / February 9, 2009

FuelCell Energy Inc. reports it has been awarded a hefty contract for Phase II of the DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance’s Coal-Based Systems Cooperative Agreement. The total program cost is $30.2 million of which $21 million will be funded by DOE. The goal in Phase II to build a minimum…

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Video of the week – Solid oxide fuel cells

By / December 10, 2008

The scientist featured in this video is M. Saiful Islam from the Department of Chemistry, University of Bath (U.K.), who provides a overview on the operations of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and describes how his computer-based modeling techniques differ from lab-oriented approaches. Islam ‘s Materials Chemistry Group website has more information on clean…

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