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The Solyndra effect—Fruity thinking on federal nuclear startup loan guarantees

By Eileen De Guire / November 8, 2011

Southern Company, a Georgia utility, is building a new nuclear power plant with the help of a federal loan guarantee. However, the Solyndra experience is making politicians skittish about extending loan guarantees for future nuclear plant startups. Credit: Southern Company CTT’s Peter Wray has been following the Solyndra calamity since it started to develop last…

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Solyndra execs decline to testify, but some perspective is suggested

By / September 21, 2011

Credit: Not unexpectedly, the Solyndra investigation threatens to be poisoned by the unfolding political theatrics. Although I am as curious as the next guy to find out what, if anything, happened behind the scenes related to internal analyses of Solyndra’s finances, business model and technical advantages, I never had any illusions that congressional hearings…

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Solyndra: Wasn’t ready for prime time? [updated]

By / September 16, 2011

It still seems like the Solyndra thing is going to stay messy and politicized. From Bloomberg: Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee released the findings of a seven-month investigation into U.S. support for Fremont, California-based Solyndra today before a hearing where two administration officials faced questions about White House support for the company…

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The Solyndra plot thickens with FBI investigation, CEO asked to testify

By / September 9, 2011

Solydra headquarters. Credit: Solyndra. Hmmm … FBI raids suggest PV company Solyndra had more problems than bad bets on silicon prices and superior installation systems. No one seems to be revealing any cards at this point, but there is a lot of table talk. A story today in the [subscription req’d.] reports on some…

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Solyndra’s downfall likely to reverberate in courts, DOE, but indicative of high competition

By / September 7, 2011

This was the bad news (at least for investors) from Fremont, Calif., last week: Solyndra LLC, the American manufacturer of innovative cylindrical solar systems for commercial rooftops today announced that global economic and solar industry market conditions have forced the Company to suspend its manufacturing operations. Solyndra intends to file a petition for relief under…

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Friday federal funding facts

By / September 4, 2009

The DOE hasn’t update their funding reports for several days, but, the big news is that compared to last week, the amount of funding available has surpassed $10 billion, growing by roughly $340 million. The combined DOE and NSF payouts have also crossed something of a threshold: Finally, more than $.5 billion in has been…

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Solyndra snags big solar loan guarantee offer

By / March 23, 2009

The DOE promised to act fast in distributing its stimulus monies and it is. It’s been announced that one of the first offers is going to Solyndra, a Fremont, Calif., company with a maverick technology I profiled back in October. A $535 million guarantee will allow the company to obtain lower-than-market financing to expand its…

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Video of the week: The making of Solyndra solar tubes

By / October 29, 2008

We know from watching the blog post traffic that the post last week about the Solyndra’s cylindrical photovoltaic system was popular. Today, we offer a short video from Solyndra that illustrates some of the production (very robotic) and installation techniques. [flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Solyndra2.flv /]

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Tubular solar – the shape of things to come?

By / October 21, 2008

Business is beginning to take shape at Solyndra, and the shape it’s taking is tubular. The Fremont, Calif.-based solar power manufacturer began selling its novel cylindrical-shaped solar tubes in July ’08 and, according to CEO Chris Gronet, the firm already has racked up $1.2 billion in contracted orders. The differences between Solyndra’s solar tubes and conventional…

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