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Jonathon’s journal gems—Jonathon’s top 5 favorite Ceramic Tech Today posts from 2019

By Jonathon Foreman / January 3, 2020

Water purification techniques, sodium-ion batteries, and expanding your impact make Jonathon’s list of top five favorite CTT posts from 2019.

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Sound science and engineering at all stages of research

By Jonathon Foreman / August 9, 2019

Sound science and engineering occur at all stages of the research process—a fact evident in ACerS journals. See how ACerS promotes sound science throughout the research process in two recent articles published in two ACerS journals.

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Video: Solid Vibrations project 3-D-prints sound waves in ceramic pottery

By April Gocha / February 10, 2016

Artist Olivier van Herpt is harnessing the scientific power of audio in a new project experimenting with how sound intersects with a different medium: 3-D printed ceramics.

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