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Why you need to be at Ceramics Expo 2016

By Stephanie Liverani / March 18, 2016

For the second year in a row, Cleveland, Ohio, will play host to Ceramics Expo 2016, April 26–28—the industry’s only free-to-attend, twin track, commercial and manufacturing conference that runs parallel to the Expo. And here’s why you need to be there.

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Electric cars powered by supercapacitor-packed body panels could become roadway reality within five years

By Jessica McMathis / December 15, 2014

A team at Queensland University of Technology and Rice University has developed a high-capacity film that’s thin enough to be placed in the panels of your car and provide enough juice to recharge an EV battery in minutes.

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Windowless aircraft offers lower carbon emissions and high-flying fun (with a view)

By Jessica McMathis / November 20, 2014

The Center for Process Innovation’s windowless fuselage features no windows but comes with an extraordinary view.

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