The Materials Genome Initiative is a multi-stakeholder effort to develop an infrastructure that will accelerate materials discovery and deployment. President Barack Obama unveiled the MGI in July 2011 as a critical enabling element of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership program.

The goal of the MGI is to support the creation of new computational tools, software and methods for materials characterization, plus foster the creation of open standards and databases that would make the development of advanced materials occur faster, with less expense and more predictability.

Because of the far-reaching impact the MGI will have on the materials science and engineering community — and the professional societies that support this work — ACerS’ Senior Editor Eileen De Guire interviewed a representative of the Obama administration, Cyrus Wadia, to discuss the administration’s vision of the MGI effort. Wadia is the assistant director for Clean Energy & Materials R&D in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D.C.

This interview was conducted Oct. 17, 2011, at the Materials Science & Technology 2011 Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

6 minutes.

Credit: ACerS