Tom Mroz, technical director, Harper International. Credit: ACerS.

Wednesday and Thursday were the final days of symposia at the Materials Challenges in Alternative & Renewable Energy meeting.

At least two things make events, such as the MCARE conference, financially possible: registrants and sponsors. This year, MCARE particularly benefitted from having Harper International (Lancaster, N.Y.) step forward to be a “Gold” sponsor for the event. In the above video, Harper’s Tom Mroz explains that while the company if often associated with furnaces, Harper also is excited about the field of energy-related materials and can provide assistance at many points in the value chain as promising new energy materials progress through the various development stages.

Late Wednesday afternoon, MCARE participates had “Ride & Drive” opportunity — thanks to Toyota and GM — to test the Chevy Volt and a fuel-cell powered vehicle from Toyota.

The second round of the poster sessions occurred Wednesday evening, and this event was augmented by the first-ever student “Materials for Energy Conversion” contest.

Here are some photos from the Ride & Drive event, the second day of the poster session and the student competition.