Here is a chance to get a first-hand business report from one of the United States’ most successful ceramic products company. Ceradyne’s founder and CEO Joel Moskowitz describes the history and ceramic technology behind the ceramic armor products his company is best known for. But, interestingly, he also describes some the the company’s strategy to expand into non-armor areas such as specialty crucibles for preparing solar-grade polysilicon, cosmetics raw materials and ceramic replacements for carbon cathodes used in smelting aluminum. He says Ceradyne should be known as an advanced technical ceramic company and not just a defense company. “Next year they may call us a solar company and in five years maybe they will call us an aluminum company. He talks about the current economic environment and we learn how even in a recession, Moskowitz has kept Ceradyne cash-rich and in a good position to make acquistions for the Ceradyne portfolio at discount prices. 16 minutes.