The staff at Science Friday, gets two experts, University
of Michigan’s Robert Deegan and University of Texas’ Harry Swinney, to
unravel what is going on with dancing oobleck.

Says Deegan: “It’s really astonishing. Swinney: “It is. It’s really
remarkable.” Deegan: “Somehow, these particles are combining and they
are forming some structure.”

Though the above statement is not exactly graduate level physics, the pair does
their best to provide a high-level explanation of what’s going on at
times with this stuff. And, they actually give a plausible explanation
of why multiple, long-lasting holes can be made in the fluid exposed to
standing waves.

But, what about those scary dancing fingers? Says Swinney: “Ah, the
fingers . . . are more subtle. That’s something we don’t understand as

Score: Oobleck 1, physicists 0.