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Ceramic Materials Tools

As the global knowledge leader and premier information source of ceramic & glass technologies, ceramic & glass applications, and emerging opportunities, discover all we have to offer.


E-Ceramics 2012 Download  

E-Ceramics 2012 – The Availability, Quality, and Location of Ceramic Property Data



Materials & You: Classroom demonstrations by Ricardo Castro  

Smart Materials: LEDs

Smart Materials: Old times, fire lamps

Smart Materials: The light bulb


Strong Materials: Are defects good?

Strong Materials: If it’s glass, it’s weak, right?

Strong Materials: Is it going to break?

Strong Materials: Temperature effects?


Super Materials: Carbon fibers

Super Materials: Levitation

Super Materials: Materials with memory!


ACerS/Wiley Download Direct  

Introducing the ACerS/Wiley Download Direct program, a valuable new benefit for ACerS members!  ACerS’ publishing partner Wiley is making a limited number of article downloads from their comprehensive Online Library (each valued at $30) available to members on a monthly basis. Since the number is limited, ACerS is restricting each member to one download per month. You may download an article from any content area you wish. Members need to be logged in to the ACerS site before clicking on the link below. Once you’ve logged in and after you’ve clicked the link, you’ll be brought to the Online Library. Select a topic, search for the article you want to download, and click on it. It’s yours for free! Remember, one article download per month, per member. If you need more than one article in any given month, contact Marcia Stout to see if additional downloads are available. At this time, the Download Direct program is not available to Material Advantage students. Access ACerS/Wiley Download Direct


NIST Property Databases  

NIST Structural Ceramics Database: Evaluated materials property data for a wide range of advanced ceramics. Covers the major series of compounds derived from the ceramic oxide, carbide, nitride, boride, and oxynitride chemical families.

NIST High Temperature Superconducting Materials Database: Evaluated thermal, mechanical, and superconducting property data for oxide superconductors.

NIST Characterization of Fracture Origins in Advanced Ceramic Materials: Fracture Origin Characterization and the Flaw Catalog: Fracture origin characterization scheme; examples of the most common types of flaws observed in advanced ceramic materials.

NIST Property Data Summaries for Advanced Materials: Collections of property values derived from surveys of published data. Thermal, mechanical, structural, and chemical properties are included in the collections.


[more databases]


Physical and Mechanical Test Standards  

ASTM C-28 Committee on Advanced Ceramics: Information Summary | Standards for Advanced Ceramics

Mat Web: Free materials information database with data on 22,154 materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. Comprised mostly of data sheets and spec sheets supplied by manufacturers and distributors.

MEMS Material Properties Database: Includes mechanical properties, electrical properties, optical properties, and other values acquired through a literature search conducted by the MEMS Clearinghouse.

NASA Ames TPSX Materials Property: Database for advanced thermal protection material properties.

Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD): Maintained by Fachsinformationzentrum (FIZ) in Karlsruhe, Germany.



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