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The Journal of the American Ceramic Society has published the most important fundamental research in ceramic and glass sciences for more than 100 years. As we continue into the next 100 years, we remain committed to bringing to light the impactful work of researchers, both established and emerging.

In line with this goal, we are seeking nominations for the inaugural JACerS 2nd Century Trailblazers special issue. The aim of this initiative is to recognize the accomplishments and promise of researchers in the early stages of their careers and draw international attention to the work they are doing.

The editors of Journal of the American Ceramic Society will review the nominations and invite selected young researchers to submit a paper detailing their work and the impact it has made on the field. The papers accepted for inclusion in the 2nd Century Trailblazers initiative will be featured in a special issue of JACerS.

All authors with papers accepted for this initiative will receive a certificate outlining their selection, and the overall winner will be invited to present their work at the 2023 MS&T meeting in Columbus, Ohio (Oct. 1–5, 2023). The criteria for selecting the overall winner are degree of scientific innovation outlined in the article, impact of the research, and overall quality of the paper.

Nomination guidelines

Candidates should be within 10 years of receiving their Ph.D., though candidates who experienced career interruptions may also be considered.

Candidates are active in the science of ceramic and glass materials and composites based on ceramics and glasses. Topics include discovery, characterization, and analysis of new inorganic, nonmetallic materials; synthesis methods; phase relationships; processing approaches; microstructure–property relationships; and functionalities. Of great interest are works that support understanding founded on fundamental principles using experimental, theoretical, or computational methods or combinations of those approaches.

Candidates must be nominated through at this link. Self-nominations are accepted. The nomination must include

  • Brief CV of nominated person, two pages maximum, including educational background, description of research goals, awards, number of publications, and a listing of up to 10 representative publications.
  • For those obtaining their Ph.D. more than 10 years ago, explanation of career interruption.
  • A cover letter to the JACerS leadership highlighting the importance of the nominee’s work, expected impact, and relevance.


Jan. 15, 2023: Deadline for nominations

Feb. 15, 2023: Finalists selected and invited to submit a perspective (short review) or original research article on their specific area of research

April 3, 2023: Deadline for submitting abstracts to MS&T23

May 15, 2023: Manuscript deadline

October 2023: Publication of special issue, MS&T in Columbus, Ohio

Important links

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