WESTERVILLE, OH – The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) announced the establishment of the new Energy Materials and Systems Division.

The ACerS Board of Directors approved the Division’s creation and rules at their December 2019 meeting.

“The Division will address a wide variety of materials related to energy, keeping the primary focus on ceramic and glass materials and emphasizing importance of system-related research,” ACerS president Tatsuki Ohji says. “The Division will foster collaboration, innovation, education, and networking among members with interest in ceramics and glass for energy-related applications.”

Members of three ACerS communities will comprise the foundation of this new division: 1) participants in ACerS Materials Challenges in Alternative & Renewable Energy (MCARE) conference; 2) participants in the Energy Harvesting meetings that ACerS started hosting in 2019; and 3) members of ACerS Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division.

By bringing these three communities together in a single Division, ACerS can “focus on better meeting the needs of the energy material and systems community throughout the world,” ACerS executive director Mark Mecklenborg says.

Starting this year, the EMS Division will be the home of the Materials Challenges in Alternate & Renewable Energy (MCARE) meetings and the Energy Harvesting meetings.

“The Division plans to continue the Energy Harvesting meeting as a combined meeting with MCARE in even years and a standalone meeting in odd years,” EMS chair Armin Feldhoff says.

This year, both meetings will be combined in Seattle, Wash., from Aug. 16–21, 2020. More details can be found at https://ceramics.org/mcare2020.

EMS Division officers are

Chair: Armin Feldhoff, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Vice chair: Kyle Brinkman, Clemson University

Secretary: Krista Carlson, University of Utah

Program committee chair: Eva Hemmer, University of Ottawa, Canada

About ACerS

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