New Division Supports Growth of Thriving Health Care Industry

In response to growing demand in a global multibillion-dollar industry, the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has added Bioceramics to its roster of membership divisions. 

The Bioceramics Division offers professionals currently studying or teaching bioceramics and biomaterials, or working in related industries, opportunities to network and share knowledge and current research with their peers.

“Bioengineering and materials are an area where ceramics are making significant contributions, which are awesome in scope,” said ACerS president Mike Alexander of the new division, which is the eleventh ACerS membership division. “It is exciting the Society has created a new division that fosters networking, research, and development in a thriving global market. 

Hexa Research indicates the global bioceramics market was 12 billion USD in 2014, and is expected to see 6.46% CAGR growth through 2021—particularly in the medical, dental, and orthopedics sectors.

“Bioceramics and biomaterials engineering are rapidly growing areas of research and development, and generate a lot of interest in academia and industry,” ACerS director of membership Kevin Thompson added. “We already have a great leadership team in place for the division that will immediately stimulate activity of the Society in these areas.”

The leadership for the new Bioceramics Division includes Steve Jung of Mo-Sci as chair, Roger Narayan of North Carolina State University as chair-elect, Julian Jones of Imperial College of London as vice chair, and Ashutosh Goel of Rutgers University as secretary. Current ACerS members who have an interest in bioceramics or biomaterials are encouraged to join the Bioceramics Division.

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ACerS other divisions include Art, Archaeology & Conservation Science; Basic Science; Cements; Electronics; Engineering Ceramics; Glass & Optical Materials; Manufacturing; Nuclear & Environmental Technology; Refractory Ceramics; and Structural Clay Products.