Forming methods influence the microstructure of flash-sintered ceramics

By Lisa McDonald / May 6, 2022

Flash-sintering of ceramics can lead to microstructural heterogeneity, which can negatively impact the material’s performance. Researchers in Brazil demonstrated that forming method can influence the final microstructure of flash-sintered ceramics.

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Video: India aims to become major player in global semiconductor market

By Lisa McDonald / May 4, 2022

While India does well in research and development of semiconductor chips, the country has few semiconductor fabrication plants and none are for commercial use. In recent months, the Indian government laid the groundwork to bring commercial chip manufacturing to India.

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Composite showdown—technological developments could lower carbon fiber composites’ environmental impact

By Lisa McDonald / March 4, 2022

Currently, replacing conventional materials with carbon fiber-reinforced polymers typically increases life cycle energy use due to the energy-intensive fiber production process. A new prospective life cycle assessment suggests certain technological developments could lead to carbon fiber composites with lower environmental impact than glass fiber composites.

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Chipping in for a cleaner climate—graphene oxide-based nanofiltration membranes show promise in treating semiconductor wastewater

By Lisa McDonald / February 1, 2022

Removal of ammonium ions from semiconductor wastewater is a particular concern for chip manufacturers to avoid exacerbating eutrophication of aquatic environments. Researchers in South Korea investigated the potential of graphene oxide-based nanofiltration membranes to treat this type of wastewater.

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Video: Intel sets sights on Ohio to drastically expand domestic manufacturing with semiconductor mega-site

By Lisa McDonald / January 26, 2022

Semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel announced it is committing $20 billion to build a manufacturing mega-site on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. Learn about some of the big events that have affected the semiconductor industry in recent years and how Intel’s announcement fits into the narrative.

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Characterizing oxide catalysts: Methanol chemisorption quantifies active sites

By Lisa McDonald / January 25, 2022

The ability to count the number of active sites on oxide catalysts and thereby determine the reaction turnover frequency has developed very slowly in comparison to metal catalysts. In a recent paper, Lehigh University professor Israel E. Wachs argues for further developing the methodology of methanol chemisorption to address this situation.

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Beyond the cobalt bind—researchers investigate feasibility of nanoceramics as binder in cemented carbide tools

By Lisa McDonald / January 7, 2022

Cobalt is a main material used as the binder in cemented carbides, but there are drawbacks to using this metal. Ceramic phases have started attracting significant attention as alternative binders, and a recent study dives further into the feasibility of using nanoceramics as a binder.

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Cementing a new tradition—researchers explore effectiveness of various joining materials in rotary kilns

By Lisa McDonald / December 21, 2021

Steel plates are the typical material used to join refractory ceramics in rotary kilns, but certain conditions can lead the steel to deteriorate and cause catastrophic wear. Researchers in Japan explored whether a basic mortar could be used instead of steel plates.

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3D fabrication of transparent optical ceramics by lithography-based digital projection

By Lisa McDonald / November 23, 2021

To meet the industry’s growing demand for customized manufacturing, researchers are increasingly interested in processing transparent ceramics using additive manufacturing. Guangran Zhang and Yiquan Wu of Alfred University demonstrated how highly transparent yttrium aluminum garnet ceramics could be fabricated via a lithography-based digital projection method.

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Video: How surging natural gas prices affect Europe’s ceramics industry

By Lisa McDonald / November 10, 2021

A confluence of factors is driving a record-high surge in natural gas prices in Europe. Europe’s ceramics industry is feeling the effects of this price surge and is employing various measures to handle it.

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