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[Image above] A new IJCES issue, easier access to ACerS journals, no more Wiley Download Direct—take a look at the latest news concerning ACerS journals! Credit: ACerS

IJCES second issue published

Volume 1, Issue 2 of the International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science has been posted to Wiley Online.

Researchers from South America, Europe, India, and the United States who work in industry, national labs, and academia published five very interesting articles with topics ranging from gel casting, injection molding, and atomic layer deposition to membrane reactors and nuclear fuel encapsulation.

Because all articles in IJCES are published Open Access, anyone and everyone with an internet connection can read, download, and use the information without subscription or payment.

Read IJCES Volume 1, Issue 2 at


Credit: ACerS

Accessing ACerS journals just became much easier

Wiley and The American Ceramic Society recently completed software updates to the Wiley Online and ceramics.org websites.

Most significantly, ACerS members can use their ACerS credentials to access any journal article published in ACerS’s three subscription journals—JACerSACT, and IJAGS—after a one-time registration process. This “single-sign-on” allows you to login directly to the Wiley Online website. No need to go to ceramics.org in the middle of your search and download process.

Select “Log in with ACerS” from the main login button at the top right of every screen of https://ceramics.onlinelibrary.wiley.com. You can also login when trying to read or download an article by selecting the “Click here to login” item underneath “ACerS Members” on the paywall screen.

To login to the Wiley Online website, select the Login/Register button in the top right-hand corner (top) and then select “Log in with ACerS” on the pop-up menu (bottom). Credit: ACerS

(Note that no logon is needed to access IJCES articles.)

For more information about the single-sign-on and the one-time registration process, go to ceramics.org Member Journal Access page or https://ceramics.org/publications-resources/journals/wiley-gateway.

Wiley Download Direct is being phased out

With the switch to the new journal platform software for Wiley Online, the Download Direct program has become unsustainable and is being phased out in September. Any questions or comments regarding the end of this program should be directed to journals managing editor Jonathon Foreman at jforeman@ceramics.org.