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WESTERVILLE, Ohio—The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has a new award to recognize innovative contributions to experimental thermodynamics of solids technical literature. The Navrotsky Award for Experimental Thermodynamics of Solids was established through a gift from Alexandra Navrotsky, University of California, Davis professor who has built a distinguished career studying thermodynamics of materials.

The biennial award will be presented to an author who made the most innovative contribution to experimental thermodynamics of solids technical literature during the two calendar years prior to selection. The recipient will receive a certificate, $5,000 prize, and is expected to give a talk on the cited work during the conference at which the award is made.

Navrotsky’s 50-year research career has focused on relationships between structure and bonding and thermodynamic behavior of minerals, ceramics, glasses, and other complex materials. She is a leader in the art of high-temperature calorimetry and has developed, applied, and commercialized instrumentation in this field.

Her goal in establishing the Navrotsky Award is to inspire others. “I’m looking beyond my career,” she adds. “I just celebrated my 75th birthday. In that spirit, I thought that an award in thermodynamics through The American Ceramic Society would give the field more visibility and show that in ceramics, and materials science in general, thermodynamics is alive and well.”

Earlier in 2017, Navrotsky established the Alexandra Navrotsky Institute for Experimental Thermodynamics (AlexInstitute) at Washington State University, and she made a gift to her home institution of UC Davis to ensure the continuation of thermodynamic research at the university.

Navrotsky directs the Thermodynamics Consortium, which she founded to elevate awareness on the utility of modern thermodynamics and to exchange best practices and discoveries. The consortium encourages collaborations, workshops, special sessions at meetings, topical journal issues, and more.

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