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[Image above] XJet vice president of healthcare and education Avi Cohen shows product samples to expo attendees. Credit: ACerS

Ceramics Expo 2019 wrapped up its second and final day on Wednesday, with final numbers showing attendance in the neighborhood of 3,000 and more than 300 exhibitors.

The Conference at Ceramics Expo kicked off its second day with several panels focused on advances in different industries, including glass applications, electroceramics, and additive manufacturing. The additive manufacturing panel especially garnered a lot of interest—once seats ran short, attendees stood in the back to listen in!

The interest in the panel mirrored the interest at the ACerS short course on additive manufacturing, which took place before the exposition on Monday, April 29. As Shawn Allan, vice president of Lithoz and one of the short course instructors, succinctly described during the Wednesday panel discussion, “Additive manufacturing gives us the freedom to design almost anything, but it doesn’t mean we should!”

29 people attended the ACerS short course on additive manufacturing to learn about additive technology, manufacturing, and potential markets. ACerS also held a second short course led by Steve FreimanUnderstanding Why Ceramics Fail and Designing for Safety. Credit: ACerS

The conference finished with two speakers from NASA Glenn Research Center and General Electric Aviation who talked, respectively, about materials for the electrified aircraft market and the importance of ceramic matrix composites for next-generation aircraft.

“Going hotter is the most reproducible way to increase efficiency.” Mano Manoharan, chief technologist of ceramic composites and coatings at General Electric Aviation, explains thermal stability is one reason ceramics are ideal for next-generation aircraft. Credit: ACerS

On the exhibit floor, it appeared there were fewer of the larger equipment products on display than in previous years, but there was just as much lively discussion and networking as before.

Save the date—May 5–6, 2020

Next year, organizers plan to keep Ceramics Expo in the new two-day format, which offers attendees and exhibitors less down time from their jobs and two strong days of conference sessions and networking on the expo floor.

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See you next year at Ceramics Expo 2020!

Industry experts on additive manufacturing answer questions during a panel session Wednesday morning. Credit: ACerS
Esther Dokyoung came all the way from Nigeria to attend Ceramics Expo—and she became an ACerS member while she was here! Credit: ACerS
There were many opportunities for exhibitors to talk with potential buyers during the two-day exposition. Credit: ACerS
The visitor lounge provided attendees a place to get work done during the exposition. Credit: ACerS

See you next year!