Blueprint for STEM career success—WSU profiles ACerS Fellow Susmita Bose | The American Ceramic Society

Blueprint for STEM career success—WSU profiles ACerS Fellow Susmita Bose


[Image above] Washington State University profiles Susmita Bose, professor at WSU in materials science and engineering and ACerS member. Credit: WSU; YouTube

“Nothing can replace hard work. And I emphasize a few other ideas: perseverance, having a plan, and staying focused. And dream big, dream very high—without dreams, little will be achieved.”

That’s what Susmita Bose, professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Washington State University and ACerS Fellow, says she tells her students when it comes to ingenuity and achieving success in a recent profile WSU published on her inspiring career path.

The in-depth article covers Bose’s childhood, her early love of physics, chemistry, and math, and how her mother—a math and science teacher—encouraged these STEM interests in her early.

Her educational and professional journey in materials science has led her to now be considered “among the nation’s top scientists researching medical materials, including 3-D printing of bone-like materials to make implants more biocompatible and longer lasting,” the article says.

It’s an area of study that impacts all of us as increased mobility and longer-lasting joint replacements become a necessity the longer we live.

“Whether it’s due to longer life expectancy, sports injuries, or a desire for a more active lifestyle in today’s world, we will need more bone replacement materials,” she says. “And whether it is hip and knee replacements or fracture care, we will need replacement materials with a longer lifetime,” Bose says in the article.

Credit: WSU; YouTube

The profile goes on to cover Bose and her team’s technological and engineering efforts in this area, and how she helps prepare her graduate students to take what they’ve learned and contribute it to the field.

“Education delivers knowledge, and gaining knowledge helps us realize how little we really know. So I try to breed that outlook in my students,” says Bose.

Read the full profile on Bose on WSU’s website, including several video interviews and exclusive photos.