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ACerS and Wiley offering free access to 30 journal articles written by conference organizers through January 31, 2018

If you’re still deciding whether or not to attend the 42nd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC18) and/or the 2018 Conference on Electronic and Advanced Materials (EAM 2018), perhaps free access to several ACerS journal articles written and published by fellow ACerS members and conference organizers might persuade you.

Through January 31, ACerS and Wiley are offering free access to a sampling of research articles authored by ICACC and EAM conference plenary speakers, organizers, and session chairs from the past two years. Each article has recently published in one of three ACerS journals:

Journal of the American Ceramic Society;

International Journal of Applied Glass Science; or

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology.

Read how ICACC program chair Manabu Fukushima and his team fabricated lead-free piezoelectric ceramics/epoxy composites with well-ordered 3-1 and 3-2 channel structures using a TBA-based freeze-casting technique in the researchers’ paper “One- or two-dimensional channel structures and properties of piezoelectric composites via freeze-casting.”

Learn how EAM organizing committee member Jon Ihlefeld and a team of researchers discovered that increasing the silicon content of sodium zirconium silicate phosphate thin films on platinized silicon substrates resulted in reductions in crystallite size and measured ionic conductivity in the paper “Scaling effects in sodium zirconium silicate phosphate (Na1+xZr2SixP3−xO12) ion-conducting thin films.”

Plus, there’s a lot more research to read about.

“Providing easy access to these journal articles helps everyone involved in our upcoming EAM and ICACC meetings,” ACerS technical content manager Greg Geiger explains. “Those who read the articles will gain insight into the expertise that our organizers bring to these meetings. We appreciate our volunteer meeting organizers and showcasing their research is one way of thanking them for their hard work.”

Other peer-reviewed articles include:

Three-dimensional mapping of crystalline ceramic waste form materials,” demonstrating synchrotron-based, transmission X-ray microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy to image 3-D morphologies and spatial distributions of Ga-doped phases within model, single- and two-phase waste form material systems.

Mechanical behavior and applications of plasma arc welded ceramics,” where scientists joined zirconium diboride and zirconium carbide-based ceramics by plasma arc welding to demonstrate how versatile the method can be.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find dozens more journal articles on the Wiley website.

Credit: Wiley Online Library

All 30 articles will be available for free access through January 31, 2018. After that, ACerS members will continue to get full access by logging in to the membership portal. And if you aren’t a member yet, head over to the membership page and check out the multitude of benefits of joining ACerS—including unlimited access to all three journals.

Have I whetted your appetite for EAM 2018 and ICACC18? Visit the EAM 2018 page or the ICACC18 page and register for either (or both) conferences. Register before December 19 and save up to $150.

For more information on the ACerS/Wiley journal promotion and to access all 30 articles, visit this link.

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