U.K.'s Institute of Refractories Engineers to turn 50 | The American Ceramic Society

U.K.’s Institute of Refractories Engineers to turn 50

While still a youngster by ACerS’ standards, the U.K.-based Institute for Refractories Engineers will mark its fifth decade of existence in November 2011.

The IRE was launched in Dudley, England, in 1961. At the time, this West Midlands locale was a hub of the coal, limestone, iron, steel and glass industries, so of roots of the group’s deep interest in all things refractory makes sense.

The IRE says it will mark its anniversary with a gala dinner in Sheffield on November 12. It says guests will include a number of past-presidents of the Institute, together with distinguished guests from the refractories and ceramics industries.

Sheffield is one of three branches of the IRE operations (the others are Stoke-on-Trent and Lanchashire & North Wales.

IRE also has branches in Australia and South Africa.